Psychic Taste by Laia Garcia


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52 pages, softcover, 5 x 7 inches. Each copy comes with a folded poster-sized dustjacket measuring 11 x 17 inches featuring one of three photographs taken by the author. The dustjackets will be issued at random.

Psychic Taste is a bold and revelatory text that takes the reader for a journey through Laia Garcia’s inner world – exploring themes of identity and self-representation in new and surprising ways.

Taking her fascination with Miuccia Prada as a starting point, Garcia follows her own thoughts forward and back, from childhood to the present, to her dreamworld and beyond. A shifting narrative with subtle changes of perspectives ultimately leads to a finale that brings the reader full circle. Garcia’s text insists the reader to take a risk in embarking on the journey and more than rewards them for their attention.