Collected Bodies by Mio Im


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40 pages, custom wraps, full colour, 7.5 x 8.5 inches

40 페이지, 커스텀랩, 풀컬러, 7.5 x 8.5 인치

A woman’s coat hides a skeletal animal and some foliage, a figure on a chair has the skull and antlers of a deer, two figures hug while displaying bodies covered in long dreamlike hair, tree branches grow from a man’s chest…

Korean artist Mio Im’s Collected Bodies is a book filled with seemingly passive characters, but each has a shadow of foreboding and the uncanny. In Mio’s own words, her unique approach shows “a horror scene without horror, weirdness in an ordinary way.”

배송은 전세계로 가능하고 한국으로는  저렴한 비용으로 배송합니다또한 페이팔로 결재가 가능하지만 결재를 위해서 페이팔 계정이 필요하지는 않습니다페이팔 결재 페이지로 넘어가면 신용카드나 체크카드 옵션으로 결재 방법을 변경 하실  있습니다페이팔 웹사이트 아랫쪽에서 버튼을 눌러 한국어로 언어변경이 가능합니다