The Secret Arcana by Oliver Hibert


22 cards, all original designs and a 12 page booklet giving insight into the meanings and philosophy of each card. Both come in a stamped cloth bag.

Oliver Hibert first released his 22-card Major Arcana tarot deck in late 2014 and just one year later he released the full 78-card deck to widespread acclaim. The deck found fans around the world and quickly became a social-media sensation with images being tagged everywhere from Los Angeles to Tokyo.

Now Oliver releases the final part of this multi-layered esoteric exploration.

The Secret Arcana.

Begun immediately after the completion of the full tarot, The Secret Arcana is comprised of 22 new divination cards – entirely original designs and an entirely original philosophy.

Few artists have ever attempted their own divinatory cards and Oliver intends his to be both a complement to the existing tarot and to stand on its own.

Accompanied by a booklet which gives the intended meanings behind each card (except, mysteriously, for one), the deck demonstrates the depth and scope of Oliver’s imagination and closes a major chapter in the artist’s life and work.