Dysnomia by Marie Le Conte


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28 pages, full color, 9 x 9 inches, custom wraps

Dysnomia by Marie Le Conte is an introduction to a point of view on being and place, in two parts.

Published dos-à-dos, two texts are augmented by a selection of Marie’s photography, documenting London through her eyes. These calm and quasi-pastoral images contrast with the underlying themes and ideas of the texts.

Written during the intense and tortuous Brexit referendum campaign in the United Kingdom, Marie discusses her own personal journey from a vibrant and varied family background, through contemporary Europe to, perhaps, becoming a Londoner.

Marie Le Conte is a French Moroccan journalist living and working in London and is currently politics and media reporter for BuzzFeed News.

Marie’s work has appeared in publications as varied as Vice, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Daily Mirror. She was also a political diarist for the Evening Standard in London.